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XPJournal - Left Side Structure

Make a daily habit out of using XPJournal.

With submitting waking hours along with time slept, you can keep track of what you did on "good days" when looking back. You'll start to notice sleeping patterns that prove to be extremely beneficial, along with the amount of time you've slept. Incorporating them will make sure you have a consistent part of your everyday life in check, allowing for improvement in other areas.

Choose 5 goals to accomplish for the day.

Setting aside 5 things to do, no matter how big or small, can assist you into getting a rhythm going regarding your everyday life and how to go about your day. Checking off items from your task list whenever you complete them will positively reinforce your strive to accomplish tasks, and you'll always have a reference regarding what you did on a certain day.

Reduce 2 bad habits of yours.

With the ability to focus on 2 bad habits that you perform daily, XPJournal will be there for you every step of the way when it comes to keeping track of your successes (and failures, too) when it comes to the reduction of bad behaviors. Some ideas could be reducing "going to bed too late", "overeating", "pushing work off til later"... you get the picture.