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Research Papers About Journaling

Below, you will find interesting reads about journaling and its positive effects on day to day life.

While any form of journaling is beneficial and can potentially bring out the benefits listed below, XPJournal brings simplicity into the mix with a pre-printed journaling method that incorporates both structured and free-thought forms of journaling.


The Effect of Expressive Writing on the Error‐Related Negativity Among Individuals With Chronic Worry:


The Cultivation of Pure Altruism via Gratitude: A Functional MRI Study of Change With Gratitude Practice:


The Effect of Expressive Writing on the Error‐related Negativity Among Individuals with Chronic Worry:


Expressive Writing Can Increase Working Memory Capacity:


Expressive Writing Moderates the Relation Between Intrusive Thoughts and Depressive Symptoms:


Benefits of Expressive Writing in Lowering Rumination and Depressive Symptoms:


Expressive Writing and Health: Self-Regulation of Emotion-Related Experience, Physiology, and Behavior: