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List of High Performers Who Use Expressive Journaling

XPJournal is a minimalist bullet journal that acts as a habit and mood tracker, all while being an aesthetically pleasing minimalist daily journal for writers, goal-setters, or planners in general.

Notable Mentions

  • Emma Watson
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Camila Mendes
  • Emilie Davies
  • Lady Gaga
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Thomas Edison
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Marie Curie
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Mark Twain

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein's travel diary

Albert Einstein's travel diary to the United States recorded his experiences abroad from November 1930 to June 1931. (Photo: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Princeton University Press and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem recently published private journals and other material aspects of Einstein's legacy with over 5,000 documents covering the first 44 years of his life.


If you're wondering how to start a bullet journal, XPJournal is certainly one of the best bullet journals that combines organized planning on the left side, with an inspiring unique quote and doodle space on the right.

Charles Darwin

darwin notebook

Charles Darwin kept numerous notebooks to record his discoveries and thoughts on everything from his first sketch of an evolutionary tree (left) to important books to read (right). (Photo: Public Domain)

Darwin was a prolific expressive writer, leaving behind close to 200,000 pages of journals and writings, which are currently available from both Darwin Online and through the University of Cambridge in England to read.


Use XPJournal for everything! Bullet journals can be USD for weight loss, budgets, school, mourning and bedtime routines, travel logging, dailies, or just as a brain dump of your day - you name it! 

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey makes an effort to keep journaling even when his life is going well.

“My idea was that, hey, you’re going to get in a rut again. You lose your frequency, you might want this to go back and look at to help you recalibrate. And that proved to be true.”

“So many times we dissect failure and hardships, but we don’t dissect success.”

And going back in those journals, I found that there are times when I got in a rut later and I was able to go back to those journals and go, what were your habits when you were rolling, man?

“Who were you hanging out with? Where were you going? What were you eating, what were you drinking and how much sleep were you getting? How were you looking at life?”

“And they helped me recalibrate in the times when I was off frequency and to get back on the rails and find my frequency again.”

The Interstellar star went on to reveal more tidbits of his routines that help him achieve happiness (and which could be key to his success).

“One thing I do check in with myself before checking in with the world when I wake up in the morning.”

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Each page, while organized in a particular manner on the left page, provides new quotes and tips each day on the other side. With daily and ~2 month spreads of use, XPJournal will surely get you adjusted to using the best practices right off the bat without any guesswork involved.