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About Us

Our Story

EXP LLC started as a small project during the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020.

With jobs being lost left and right, family and friends losing the "groove" of their daily habits, we noticed a common theme - everyone was losing track of what they found purpose in.

With nothing but time to think about the future, we experienced an awakening regarding what we're doing with our lives.

The insight that was indirectly provided to us because of a worldwide pandemic gave us a brutal shake in what we understood reality to be.

The constant questions we were left alone with, such as "when will I go back to my job", turned into "why am I dreading going back to my job?".

Life shouldn't be filled with primarily dread and filler satisfaction - it should at least be the other way around.


What was the problem we noticed?

While everyone we knew talked about "having to go back to normal life", mentioning it in the same breath as "here we go hating Mondays again", we understood this was a deep rooted problem in many people's daily lives, not just a chit-chat piece.

For a fleeting moment, we all had a taste of freedom.

Not physical, but mental. Time with ourselves. Time for introspection. Time to take a step back and look at what we're doing and why.

...but that was it. That's where it ended for most.

A quick glimpse into a potential shift of reality where life wasn't dreadful; where we didn't hate Monday mornings, or impatiently wait for Friday nights after work.

The idea was there, but nothing allowed any of us to act upon the desire and have it bear life-changing fruit.


How are we planning to solve it?

EXP LLC stands behind two words: Express and Experience. 

Our mission is to bring tools to those who desire intuitive methods that help them achieve more than just "getting by".

Existence is a beautiful thing - no one understands what it truly is. We just know that we're here, we're conscious, and we dream about what the future will have in store for us. 

Everyone aspires towards their goals differently, not to mention that everyone's goals are unique to themselves both in what they are and why they're a goal in the first place.

Creating a toolset that provides use for accomplishments and seizing ambitions is what wakes us up every morning with pep in our step.

Our first tool that we've released, the XPJournal, aims to bring a strong foundation to build a new life upon, or fortify a current plan of action for one's future.

We created it with habit formation at the forefront.

This is why each day brings about the same format of questions on the left side of the XPJournal.

The right side begs for a mind dump of your day, starting you off with a unique daily quote to get in the right headspace.


What does EXP's future look like?

We're constantly working on new releases and upgrades. 

We always look forward to feedback from our customers and supporters alike - there's not a day where we don't brainstorm new designs, features, and releases.

Are you an influencer with an audience that matches our growth-mindset vibe?

Collaborating with individuals that share a positive meaning is a constant goal we love to repeat.

From all walks of life, all understandings of the world, we aim for one focus - a daily betterment of who we all aspire to be, no matter how different one's dreams are from another's. 

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