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Habit/Goal Tracking Journal - XPJournal (Brown)


Regular price$18.95 Sale price

Habit/Goal Tracking Journal - XPJournal (Brown)


Regular price$18.95 Sale price

Start achieving your aspirations today with an XPJournal by EXP LLC, where we focus on providing you tools to help you better focus on what's important in life.

Stop allowing others to leech your precious time, strength, intellect, and power. You're capable of much more than you've been led to believe.

XPJournal - our first product meant to begin the process of turning your "lamplight" focus into "laser" focus - is available now.

Specific to the journal:

  • Durable fingerprint-resistant pleather cover
  • 60 pages printed on premium quality paper
  • inner pages containing a left-side and right-side daily journal structure
  • an elastic journal band for journal closing/page holder

XPJournal: Main Features

The left side of your day always features the same exact page. Familiarity with setting up your goals each morning (or before bed for the next day) creates an effortless daily process of goal setting.

This makes habit formation quicker, where daily repetition of completing your tasks becomes a natural part of every day.

The right side of your day prioritizes two simple but effective concepts to give you a focus-mentality boost:

1. A unique quote for each day. Start each day off with a quick reminder about why you're doing what you're doing, and to not get lost in the exponentially-increasing distractions each of us face every day.

2. Plenty of space for, but not limited to: journaling about your day, letting go of your internal dialogue, taking notes, making lists, asking yourself questions and answering them later, doodling and sketching ideas and concepts... anything goes.

There's a reason we codenamed this side "Brain Dump". Just let loose however you deem fit here; there's no right or wrong answer.

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