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First release: XPJournal.

First release: XPJournal.

We created XPJournal with habit formation in mind.

It features two sides for each day:

- a left side that provides daily repetition (therefore, easier habit formation). It comes in 3 sections: Areas of Growth, Today's 5, and 2 To Reduce.

- a right side that supplies a new daily quote and room to journal and doodle. Pour your mind into this side and disconnect from all else so that you're mindful for a few moments throughout your day.

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Structure the day's goals on the left...

Structure the day's goals on the left...

The left hand side of your XPJournal's day gives you a simple outline of:

- Areas of Growth

- Today's 5

- 2 to Reduce

What do these sections do?
...doodle, note, and write on the right.

...doodle, note, and write on the right.

The right hand side of XPJournal's daily routine is meant for your mental freedom. Use it as a "brain dump", as many like to call it!

Apart from space for your journaling, each new day's right page includes a unique quote aiming to help frame a positive attitude for the day.

There's a big difference between typing things out on a phone or computer, and letting your hand guide your mind's unwinding.

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“I use this journal every single day. Why? Because it keeps me organized, prepared, and present with my daily goals.”

Kendall S.
Financial Analyst

"Keeping up with what I need to get done for the day is so nice. The disconnect from devices proves to be a great mindful moment.”

Ray R.
Computer Systems Engineer

“Daily inspirational quotes on the right hand side really boost my mood each morning. Great addition to a day tracker.”

Peter B.


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